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This organisation was erected in 1981 with the sole purpose of gathering information with regards to potatoes. Since then onions became as important a crop in this area, with onion issues also being handled since 1986. The purpose of Korkom is to gather information in order to help onion and potato producers with matters such as planting and market planning.

Good communication and correct and timely information is the core of successful co-operation within an organization such as Korkom.

Korkom has about 40 members that contribute to the existence of the organisation on a hectare basis. It is an organisation that takes care of the interests of the members and that is not driven by generating profit. Most of the members cultivate both potatoes and onions.

The management of Korkom is elected every 2 years and consists of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a secretary and 8 other members. The management meets monthly in order to discuss matters of interest.

More or less 2000 – 2500 ha of onions and about 850 – 1050 ha of potatoes are being cultivated.

See membership list with contact details as well as management.

Our Vision

An irreplaceable organization that handles relevant onion and potato issues en therefore delivers an unique and competing advantage to it's members.

Our Mission

KORKOM empowers it's members by means of knowledge to enable them to take informed and sustainable production and marketing decisions within the potato and onion industries.

Why Ceres products ?

South Africa's main onion growing region

Only area in South Africa to produce the typical brown onion

Only area in South Africa to export significant volumes to Africa and the European Union

Unique climate – low disease pressure

Maintaining of rotations

High Yields

Onions grow on plateau 1000m above sea level

Fresh cool mountain air

Clean pure mountain water

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